Team Toss is an interactive ball game designed to encourage team building with friends or strangers. The chalkboard front lets players personalise their game and creates conversation in different surroundings. For both indoor and outdoor use, the game is easily transportable and can be set up virtually anywhere.

‘Climb Outside The Box’ will serve as an activity centre for pupils entering secondary level education. It aims to increase social skills and interactions through the use of team-building games and activities. Pupils moving from primary to secondary education often struggle to confidently mix with new people. Social skills are vital to install confidence in teens for day to day life and future work environments. Through the use of team-building activities, pupils will develop confidence and build friendships.

The ‘Box’ will be an activity hub that travels between secondary schools. Games and obstacles will be easily assembled around the Box, offering an alternative learning experience. The Box itself provides the necessary storage space for the games equipment, and a small internal seating area to accommodate the indoor games. These features allows the Box to be transferable to any environment.

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