After last weeks introduction to the software we were challenged to experiment on TinkerCad and create a morse code lighting sequence for our name.

Within my pair with Victoria we were given the theme of Mimicry for our public installation project. I began by doing some further research into the theme of mimicry to further my understanding of the theme.

We began to discuss ideal locations for our project that weren’t stereotypical of Edinburgh and that we both shared an understanding of. As we both share home towns that are very close in location we decided on Gourock as the setting for our project. Gourock is a water-side location in the outskirts of Glasgow and receives a large amount of footfall for its scenic walking opportunities. Popular locations within the area are Lyle Hill which has scenic viewpoints, Granny Kemprock stone, Cardwell Bay and Gourock park.

This location is well known for its scenic outlook onto the clyde and KIlcreggan on the other side. From this we began to consider possible themes of waterfront, parkland, greenery, natural light.

To fall in line with the theme of mimicry our design must work to imitate something, to be either observed visually or interacted with. Initial concepts included:

  • Mirror, physically mimics/reflects objects and movements direct from source.
  • Tunnel with lights and illusions that visually mimic the sea, sky ect.
  • Water feature, directly mimics the water surrounding destination.
  • Sounds, multiple features that combine to create a field of joy?
  • Light show combined as a social hub for conversation- mimics starry night, water…

Initial Boards.





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Jennifer Mowat

Jennifer Mowat

Product Design Student

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