Processing Software

As an introduction to the processing software we will be using throughout the module I began looking through example files to gain a basic understanding of how it works. I looked at various Graphic Demos and noted the variety of outcomes from each.

Particle > The cursor creates a visual particle explosion which moves through the control of the cursor. The spills over the screen almost like a waterfall and is a enjoyable interactive experience. I noticed that the code included images that had been selected for the icon and background.

Particle Example & Code

Wiggling > This graphic is a rotating image of a cuboid with circles cut from the centre of each side. This example was not interactive but I did note that the code included dimensions for the cube.

Patch > Solid shape can be rotated with cursor movement, this had a very long code.

I then looked both an Animation and Interaction examples.

Animated Sprite > Moving gif. image that includes an animated jpeg and background

Reach 1 > A jointed arm follows mouse movements from a centre point on screen.

Jointed arm example

Summary of Reading — The Uncanny Valley

  • Industrial robots have become an important feature of modern society, replacing human labour in factories and workplaces.
  • Majorly this type of labour force are seen as machines only, robots possess little to no human features and are impersonal.
  • Colleagues working with these ‘robots’ have no affinity to them and see them as machines only.
  • Moving away from industrial machines we can see that toy robots are generally more ‘human’ like as function follows form (these are designed to be enjoyed by children not in industrial settings) meaning we have a greater affinity towards them.
  • Prosthetic limbs are a another example where we feel conflicted by their human like appearance. For example we lose affinity towards the prosthetic hand after we realise it feels mechanical and only looks human.
  • Movement is fundamental to animals and humans therefore making it essential with robots as well.
  • Even when industrial robots mimic human movement after being turned off it just looks like a ‘greasy machine’, but on adding human like features we see the machine mas more of an equal and ha feel a greater affinity to it.
  • The movements of prosthetic resemble human speed and action to increase realness therefore we become more comfortable with it.
  • It’s possible to create a safe level of affinity by deliberately pursuing a nonhuman design, perhaps by focusing not on human features but on shape, material and design we will create products with a greater human affinity.
  • Where wood carved prosthetic hands lack fingerprints and ‘realness’ they are appreciated for natural wood colouring, roundness and beautiful curves.
  • Perhaps we are uncomfortable around robots and prostethics as they resemble corpse in such ways of cold touch and stiff shapes.
  • Is this eeriness we feel an instinct of danger? Proximal sources of danger include corpses and members of different species.
  • It is important to research and build an accurate map of the uncanny valley so that through robotics research we can begin to understand what makes us human.




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Jennifer Mowat

Product Design Student

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