Tutorial 2

This week we looked at the processing software in more depth. I learned both how to to apply dynamic plotting and insert images into files, controlling when and how they are made visible using code.

Key points to be taken from the tutorial:

  • int dim = 100; will create a memory location. int refers to integer type data, dim is a name reference for a memory location on our computer. Initialise this location with 100.
  • Using dynamic type variables means that we can update the size just through updating one section of the code (int dim = ___)
  • Dynamic plotting using width and height allows for symmetry even when the canvas size is changed. (width/__, height/__)
  • To insert images they must be saved to the data panel > sketch (ctrl+K)
  • img = loadImage (“____”) must quote direct file name/type for example “1.jpg”
  • imageMode(CENTER); controls where the image is on canvas
  • image(img, width/2, height/2, width*2, height*2) first plots where the image will go on canvas and secondly scales the image size.
  • To control when these images appear within the canvas we can add code that formats what keys control the appearance of the images. if (keyPressed == true) { if(key == ’a’ // key ==’A’) or if (key == CODED) { (keyCode == UP) allows control through either alphabetical letters or arrows.

Reading - Interactive Audiovisual Objects




Product Design Student

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[Case Study] How PrettySecrets, an online lingerie retailer in India, uses Journeys to reduce cart…

Vasily Smirnov — web-designer

How to make rapid progress if you are a beginner in UX


Homework 3

Persona, who the hell am I?

5 art prints lie on top diagonally overlapping each other. One is below them kept straight to show what the art work is. It is an abstract piece made with black pen.

theory in the studio, imagining ideas as buildings #knowledgeproducts

Men’s Color Block Sweater

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Jennifer Mowat

Jennifer Mowat

Product Design Student

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