Tutorial 3

This weeks tutorial focused on experimentation with the Minim library playback control. Key points taken from the tutorial below:

  • //trigger audio — file, examples, libraries — minim.
  • PlayAFile — Playback
  • Minim minim;, AudioPlayer player > used in function relevant to playback of audio
  • Audio files for processing/ use within minim are file type .wav, .mp3, file data must be 16 bit per sample file res.
  • If player is at end of file we have to rewind before telling it to play again, for example -

Void keyPressed (){

If (player. is playing()){


Else if (player.position()== player.length() {

Player.rewind ();


Else player.play();

Flow Chart Notes:

  • Oval shows the start/end of program.
  • à Flow Line.
  • Rectangle is a process/statement to be carried out.
  • Diamond is a decision to be made. Usually branched to Y/N or True/False.

Folowing the introduction to flowcharts I have designed one to demonstrate the order in which my memory bank will work.

Product Design Student

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Jennifer Mowat

Jennifer Mowat

Product Design Student

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